Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: January 5, 2016

[Nicodemus had] questions for…this backwater teacher who lacks diplomas yet attracts people.  Who has ample time for the happy-hour crowd but little time for clergy and the holy upper crust.  He banishes demons, some say; forgives sin, others claim; purifies temples….

[Nicodemus] witnessed Jesus purge Solomon’s Porch.  He saw the fury.  Braided whip, flying doves.  “There will be no pocket padding in my house,” Jesus erupted.  By the time the dust settled and coins landed, hustling clerics were running a background check on him.  The man from Nazareth won no favor in the Temple that day.

So Nicodemus comes at night.  His colleagues can’t know of the meeting.  They wouldn’t understand.

Max Lucado


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