Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: May 5, 2016

A cow stuck her nose into a paint can and couldn’t shake it off.  Can-nosed cows can’t breathe well, and they can’t drink or eat at all…[and she was] in danger….  But when the cow saw the rescuers coming, she set out for pasture….  They chased that cow for three days…[before] they cornered and de-canned [her]!

See any can-nosed people lately?…  People who can’t take a deep breath?  All because they stuck their noses where they shouldn’t and, when God came to help, they ran away.  When billions of us imitate the cow, chaos erupts….  We scamper, starve, and struggle.  Can-nosed craziness….  This is the world God sees.  Yet, this is the world God loves.  “For God so loved the world”….  He loves.  He pursues.  He persists.

Max Lucado


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