Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: June 4, 2016

“Pop”…was struggling with metastatic liver and lung cancer….  Then he learned that his only son, Dan, was going to be a father.  When Pop heard the news, he…resolved, “I’m gonna make that.”…  Some days it was all he could do to mumble, “Bad day” to those who phoned.  But when his granddaughter was born, he insisted on going to the hospital….  Pop’s arms were too weak, so Dan had to hold the baby for him.  But Pop did what he came to do.  He leaned over, kissed her, and said, “Sheila Mary, Grandpa loves you very much.”  Within seconds, Pop dozed off….  Within days he was dead.  What is this love that endures decades, passes on sleep, and resists death to give one kiss?

Call it agape love, a love that bears a semblance of God’s.

Max Lucado

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