Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: August 16, 2016

[When Cleopatra’s Needle was erected in Britain, a Scripture verse was included in the time capsule beneath it.]  Picture a rummager of some future London digging through rocks and rubble.  She finds and reads the verse.  Except for one word, she might dismiss it as an old myth.  WhoeverWhoever unfurls 3:16 as a banner for the ages.  Whoever unrolls the welcome mat of heaven to humanity.  Whoever invites the world to God.  Jesus could have so easily narrowed the scope, changing whoever into whatever.  “Whatever Jew believes” or “Whatever woman follows me.”  But he used no qualifier.  The pronoun is wonderfully indefinite.  After all, who isn’t a whoever.

Max Lucado


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