Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: October 11, 2016

For a short time in college, I worked at a vacuum-cleaner plant.  We assembled the appliance from plug to hose.  The last step on the assembly line was “sealing and shipping.”  By this point, the company had invested hours and dollars in the machine.  So they took extra care to protect their product.  They mummified it in bubble wrap, secured it with Styrofoam, wrapped the box with tough-to-tear tape, stamped the destination on the box, and belted it inside the truck.  That machine was secure.  But compared to God’s care of his saints, workers dumped bare machines into the back of a pickup truck.  God vacuum-seals us with his strongest force: his Spirit.  He sheaths his children in a suit of spiritual armor, encircles us with angels, and indwells us himself.  The Queen of England should enjoy such security.

Max Lucado


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