Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: December 11, 2016

Sin resulted in Adam and Eve’s immediate death.  But death of what?  Their bodies?  No, they continued to breathe.  Brainwaves flowed.  Eyelids blinked.  Their bodies functioned, but their hearts hardened.  They stopped trusting God.  Their friendship with their maker died….  Prior to this act, they followed God like sheep follow their shepherd.  He spoke; they listened.  He gave assignments; they fulfilled them.  They were naked but unashamed, transparent and unafraid.  Yet as one drop of ink clouds a glass of water, the stubborn deed darkened their souls.  Everything changed.  God’s presence stirred panic, not peace….  Intimacy with God ceased; separation from God began.

Max Lucado


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