Max Lucado 3:16 – The Numbers of Hope: December 23, 2016

On a trip to China I rode past Tiananmen Square in a bus full of Westerners.  We tried to recollect the causes and consequences of the revolt.  Our knowledge of history was embarrassing.  One gave one date; another gave a different one.  One person remembered a certain death toll; someone else disagreed.  All this time our translator remained silent.  Finally one of us asked her, “Do you remember anything about the Tiananmen Square revolt?”  Her answer was solemn.  “Yes, I was a part of it.”  We grew quickly quiet as she gave first-hand recollection of the bloodshed and oppression.  We listened, because she’d been there.

We who follow Christ do so for the same reason.  He’s been there…

Max Lucado


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