I am just a man trying to chart the best course thorough life.  I love to learn and I equally enjoy sharing new and wonderful discoveries as I make them.  This naturally lead to a blog.

I am a Conservative and I’m a nerd. I’m also a Computer Scientist. I lean hard right and have the conservative Christian point of view as part of my DNA as well. Did I mention I am a Southerner too? If I haven’t run you off by now, keep reading.

I am not as interested in having thousands of readers as I am about possibly providing an avenue of insight or an experience that has brought focus to my life so that you, as the reader, take away something of value.  I will be exuberant if a single person finds something helpful in what I say or share – but I’m content to post away whether anyone reads my posts or not.

Please share any thoughts, comments, or ideas with me.  I look forward to meeting you!


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