Grace – April 25, 2017

When Jesus told the disciples to feed the throng of five thousand hungry people, Philip had retorted, “It’s impossible!” (see John 6:7).  So what does Jesus do with someone who questions His commands?

Apparently He washes the doubter’s feet.

Max Lucado


Grace – April 24, 2017

In the Upper Room there was no servant.  Pitcher of water?  Yes.  Basin and towel?  In the corner on the table.  But no one touched them.  No one stirred.  Each disciple hoped someone else would reach for the basin.  Peter thought John would.  John thought Andrew would.  Each apostle assumed someone else would wash their feet.

And Someone did.

Max Lucado

Grace – April 21, 2017

Jesus touched the stinky, ugly parts of His disciples.  Knowing He came from God.  Knowing He was going to God.  Knowing He could arch an eyebrow or clear His throat, and every angel in the universe would snap to attention.  Knowing that all authority was His, He exchanged His robe for the servant’s wrap, lowered Himself to knee level, and began to rub away the grime, the grit, and the grunge their feet had collected on the journey.

Max Lucado