New U.N. Report Erases All Doubts: Iran Is Developing Nuclear Warheads And The Missiles To Deliver Them

Please take a moment to read Joel’s blog on this subject.  We’ve all known the Iranians have been developing nuclear weapons even though they’ve gone before the world and protested otherwise.  If you are an American or a Jew, beware because those in power in Iran have vowed to wipe the Great (America) and Little (Israel) Satan off the face of the earth.  Anybody who thinks that Iran will develop nuclear weapons capabilities and then not use them is deluded and foolish.  

Times are changing!  Open your eyes and see!  He who has an ear, let him hear!



14 Women Killed by RU 486 Abortion Drug

The US Food and Drug Administration has quietly released a new report about the deaths of and injuries to women from the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug and the Obama administration has done nothing to make the information available to women. Following its approval during the Clinton administration, the FDA released a report in 2006 that received widespread attention for showing more than 1,100 women had been subjected to “adverse effects” resulting from their taking the abortion drug mifepristone, commonly known a RU 486. Pro-life advocates have waited five years for the FDA to come out with a new report of problems associated with the drug — despite mounting evidence that the abortion drug continues to kill and injure women across the globe.
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