The Power of Godly Friends…

Every once in awhile the Holy Spirit will provide an epiphany out of the blue from a seemingly mundane experience.  Today was one such day.

I was packing up to leave from work when I got a call from a friend of mine in Jackson, TN (I live in Florida).  He was calling back regarding a message I left on his voice mail last week and he finally had the opportunity to call back.  He’s not a “regular” kind of friend…he’s one of those friends that you can pick up a conversation from a year ago and not miss a beat…one where there are no awkward pauses when you resume a conversation after not talking for quite some time.  After I hung up from our half-hour conversation I realized something: there’s power in Godly friendships.

When the power of God forges a friendship, the Holy Spirit is able to flow though that bond and make both of you stronger as a result.  I have a few friends that match this description.  All it takes is a few words of conversation with them and, like a small rudder, those few utterances have the power to alter the course of a day, a week, and maybe even a life.

How are your friends?  Do they breathe life into you or drain your energy?  I challenge you to build those relationships that bless, challenge, nurture, and revive you.  They have the power to change your life!

Thank you, Father, for reminding me that you provide for all of our needs through a variety of sources – not the least of which is our friends.

Be blessed!


Pneuma of Life

If you noticed the URL for this blog, you probably were trying to figure out what on earth it meant.  I’ve seen several blogs and websites that cleverly use a play on words to conceptually convey the overarching theme for the site.  That being the case, I set about to create one for myself.  I had several great ideas, but they were all taken.  The whole process was starting to frustrate me.  I had a great idea for a blog and I was excited about blogging consistently, but I couldn’t even get the thing off the ground without a name.  About that time, I remembered this set of videos I saw the other day in the Christian bookstore called Nooma (no recommendation implied – perhaps that will be a topic for later).  The title for the series, “Nooma”, was a play on the ancient Greek work pneuma (πνεύμα).  Translated, pneuma means “breath” and in the religious context, “spirit” or “soul” is implied.

So, not only did I find a fitting phrase – it also has double meaning.  I want to offer a breath of life into an otherwise mundane world, but I also want to convey the beauty, magnificence, power, and grace, and glory of the Spirit of Life in my writings as well.