Thought for the Day – December 31, 2011

Love the LORD your God and obey his commands, to continue to follow him and serve him the best you can.  Joshua 22:5

Max Lucado – Outlive  Your Life


Thought for the Day – December 30, 2011

None of us can help everyone.  But all of us can help someone.  And when we help them, we serve Jesus.  Who would want to miss a chance to do that?

Max Lucado – Outlive Your Life

New “Thought for the Day” Source in 2012

I hope this note finds you having a wonderfully blessed day!  I started posting a thought for the day by email several years ago mainly for myself and my wife, Tara, to have consistent daily reminders of Godly principles during our busy days.  That email list grew to include several people over time and then I decided to use WordPress as a medium instead, as it can post to both Facebook and Twitter effortlessly as well as allow individuals to subscribe to emails whenever I post.

I have used Max Lucado as a source author over the past several years, but this year I want to change direction and push into what I consider deeper thought.  To that end, 2012 will be using “My Utmost for His Highest” by Oswald Chambers as the source material.  You can continue to view daily posts via Facebook and Twitter, or you can go directly to my blog and subscribe to receive them via email.

I am looking forward to 2012 and hope that my understanding, commitment, and desire for Jesus Christ deepens over the coming year.  I wish the same for you as well!



Thought for the Day – December 27, 2011

Somewhere along her journey, Mother Teresa became convinced that Jesus walked in the “distressing disguise of the poor,” and she set out to love him by loving them.  In 1989 she told a reporter that her Missionaries had picked up around 54,000 people from the streets of Calcutta, and that 23,000 or so had died in their care.

Max Lucado – Outlive Your Life